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Travel Requirements to Canada Using eTA

Traveling to Canada becomes good decision to make. There are many good places that can be visited. Of course, travelers from other countries should follow the regulation to enter Canada. Visa will become necessary document to gain the access to enter the country and enjoy traveling. Other than visa, actually there is also another access, and it is the eTA or Electronic Travel Authorization. The eTA is quite different from visa although the main purpose is the same. Both of them is the legal document needed to gain access to enter and travel to areas in Canada. However, eTA is quite special, and it is dedicated for selected country only. Of course, this is based on the agreement of the included countries to the government of Canada.

Traveling to Canada with eTA surely is better choice. One of the good benefits is about its fast process. It can take shorter duration to process the eTA compared to get the permission of visa to enter Canada. Even, the eTA can be obtained within 24 hours. As what its name is, eTA is form of electronic authorization, so it is easier to apply. In addition to its short duration to get the document, it is also easy since online application is possible to do. That is why email address and debit, or credit card becomes two important requirements in applying for the eTA. It is because most of the process will be done through online access where travelers only need to follow the instruction, answering the questions, and later the confirmation will be sent to the email. The debit or credit card will be needed for the fee of eTA application.

This surely brings benefits for travelers. Most travelers do not want to get annoyed by various kinds of process and regulations that will surely take their time. What they want to do for traveling to Canada is to enjoy their moment, so it is better when they do not have to face any obstacles, including in obtaining the access and permission. That is why existence of eTA is surely important. There are so far 60 countries that can apply for the eTA. As for the other Canada entry requirements for eTA, it is quite simple actually. Of course, it should include the personal details and it should be proven by the ID card and the active passport. For travel purpose to other country, passport still becomes important document since it shows the permission given by the applicant’s government. Residential address should also be included into requirement since the address later will show whether the country will have the travel exempt that later allows the application of eTA.

During the application process, there will be some forms and questions that should be answered. Generally, it is similar to the process of applying for visa since both of the documents serve the same purposes. One of the questions will also be about the criminal record since those with criminal conviction will not be able to apply for both Visa and eTA. Once all of the requirements are met, traveler can easily make application and submit all the necessary documents, and later the eTA will be obtained. Then, traveling to Canada can be simpler without any troubles.

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