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Information Regarding the ETIAS Visa Waiver

Visiting other countries normally require someone to use passport and visa. However, there is more specific regulation about it, and different country or region will have different regulation regarding the permission. As for the British citizen, there will be huge changes that will happen regarding the regulation for visa. It will happen soon, and the regulation is for the British citizens who are going to the EU. There will be new visa waiver as the main document to visit the EU countries, and this will be implemented in 2022. It is the ETIAS Visa Waiver, and it is surely something that should get attention. Since it is common for some people to visit other countries, especially the British citizens to EU, the regulation becomes important aspect that they should know.

Basically, ETIAS is quite similar to the Canadian eTA. Both of them are document needed to visit the country. As for the eTA, it is important especially for the travel purposes and it is dedicated for the countries with the visa exempt. As for the ETIAS, it has larger scope in term of function since it is not limited to the travel, but also other purposes and it is important for the British citizens who want to travel to other EU countries. In term of its application process, it is also similar to the Canadian eTA in which all process is conducted in online method. It is surely simpler to do. In addition to its simple process, it does not take much time. That is why the change in regulation is not a problem, yet it brings benefits. For the application itself, normally it will only take around 15 minutes. As for the approval and rejection of the ETIAS, it can be obtained in 24 hours as the fastest, and the longest will be only around 72 hours. Of course, later the applicants are recommended to make the application three days before their departure so they can have more preparation.

As for the requirement, it is not complicated. Basically, it is still similar to the procedure to apply for visa. That is why passport is still needed. The active passport still becomes the main document that should be submitted. The UK passport later will be required before filling the information and other processes and it will be verified. Then, active email address will be needed since later all information are accessed in online method, and email will be the means to deliver the results of application. Then, debit and credit card are necessary as part of requirement to handle the fee of application. As for the duration, basically the ETIAS is valid for 3 years, but it will be shorter when the password expires. As for the duration of stay, each time it will provide duration of 90 days.

During the application process for the ETIAS for British citizens, later there will be some information that should be answered. First, it is about the employment or occupation. Whether it is for the travelling purposes or other else, this should be answered. Next, it is about the criminal history, and it is important part since those who have criminal conviction may have their application rejected or canceled. Previous travel and visa application will also be asked. As for the important note, there is possibility of rejection and cancelation of ETIAS. It can be caused by the wrong information in the submission process or there are violations of rules. As for the application process, it can be accessed in

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