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Hidden gems and secret spots: 6 places in London that most tourists never see

Taking time to explore the city of London, outside of the tourist checklist of attractions, can leave you feeling with a truesense of the wonder of this city – discover the hidden spots most loved by locals, and fit right into the bustling cultural scene. There’s so much more to London than the Big Ben or Buckingham Palace, and we can’t wait to show you 6 places in London that most tourists never see.

And if you want to start your hidden gem adventure off right, Aldgate is a great location for a hotel. With close proximity to the Underground Tube, and the gateway to London’s East End, this is the perfect place to serve as your base for your adventure.

Saint Dunstan in the East

London boats a rich medieval history, so what is better to see than a gorgeous, medieval building?

Saint Dunstan in the East is the beautiful remnants of a once great medieval church, dated as early as the 11th century. Saint Dunstan in the East is a green, peaceful oasis – with the remaining church walls prettier than any garden. The perfect escape from the busy, busy streets of London without being a terribly far walk from Tower Bridge.

Little Venice

If you’re going to visit London, you must pay Little Venice a visit. Just as the name suggests, Little Venice is a wonderful canal area, complemented by pretty streets and home to the tastiest waterside grub in London! Stroll across Little Venice, and stop by one of the many waterside cafes and pubs. And, if you want to see London from a new angle, do opt for one of the available boat hires.

Tulip Stairs

The Tulip Stairs is the first self-supporting, wonderfully geometric, spiral staircase in Britain. An attraction that is truly bucket-list-worthy, the Tulip Stairs are impressive in both scale and ornate design. If you adore photography, or are a keen lover of unique architecture, this is a hidden gem not to be missed.

Sky Garden

As the highest public garden in London, the Sky Garden is often the closest many of us get to touching the stars. Walk amongst the clouds, and look in awe at beautiful garden displays and shrubbery. The Sky Garden shows that, with the right love and care, nature can flourish anywhere. Everyone – whether you have an avid green thumb or not – will fall in love with this delightful secret spot.

Pickering Place

Most tourists never think to visit Pickering Place. Tucked away in an unassuming alleyway, overshadowed by the grandeur of St James’s Palace, even London locals can easily miss Pickering Place.  Still, as the smallest square in London, this quaint Georgian square is a definite must-see.

Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market is a location unique in setting and beauty, and must be why so many cinematic masterpieces choose to film there. As though plucked from the magical set of Harry Potter, Leadenhall Market remains a hidden gem of London often overlooked for more famous counterparts. Take a chance on Leadenhall Market, and the beautiful boutiques, restaurants, cafes and wine bars that reside there.

And there you have it – six hidden gems and secret spots that most tourists never see in London. Begin travelling outside of the tourist box, today.

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