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Five Essential Tools No Outdoors Person Should Be Without In 2022

Getting outdoors and immersing oneself in nature is as valuable an experience as ever before, as can be seen by the growing number of people eager to take up new adventurous hobbies, those that see them plunge into fresh water and climb to new altitudes.

Each year, and with new popularity, these hobbies change. They develop with advanced gadgets, updated tools, and exciting styles. These changes can make gear lighter or more robust, such as has been seen in tent design, with the latest models being more water-resistant and compactable than ever before. So, as we begin to understand the growing trends of 2022, we’re discussing some of the most essential tools that no outdoors person should be without.

Camping Stove Adapter

Previously, camping stoves have been somewhat cumbersome. It is difficult to find a model that maintains regular heat during a windy day, or one that doesn’t need to be precariously balanced to support a pan of water. Now, however, there are a number of modern designs that make camping stoves more efficient, safe, and enjoyable to use than ever.

One such design is the LowDown stove adapter. This simple redesign removes the need to balance pots and pans atop an unstable canister, while also allowing for adjustments to be made to the heat more safely and without the risk of getting too close to a flame!

Digital Maps

While paper maps hold a certain romanticised quality, they offer far less support than their digital alternatives. In fact, even your basic phone apps can help you to make outdoors excursions easier to organise, navigate, and enjoy. Map applications allow users to not only see the environment through topographical representation but through 3D visualisations and even augmented reality too, making orienteering more accurate and immersive than ever before.

Water Filter

It might seem like the design of water bottles has been entirely perfected, with insulation features and high-quality materials becoming commonplace. However, new advances have been made and now in-built, replaceable filters are becoming an essential, luxurious feature for those wanting to stay hydrated.

These filters mean that every drink is purified and that even streams and rainfall can be transformed into a safe source of drinking water, removing any microplastics or harmful bacteria.

Upcycled Clothing

There are a number of brand names in outdoor wear that are known for their pursuit of the balance between practicality and style. Winter-resistant and waterproof clothing, especially those that also support warmth or breathability are at the forefront of outdoor design. However, in 2022, a new challenge has appeared to leading brands, with customers seeking sustainably made clothing.

Some brands are already stepping ahead, revealing designs for new jackets that not only meet the high standards of manufacturing their previous garments have set but do so while also being made from waste plastics and sustainably sourced materials.

Lightweight Kayak

Kayaks and paddleboards have been getting ever lighter and more compact. Foldable and inflatable watercraft have become a must-have for those wanting to take to the water during a hike on foot, without needing to escort gear in a vehicle. Thankfully, new designs have been revealed, including what has been dubbed the origami kayak, that means venturing out onto water can be as simple as unpacking a kayak from your own backpack.

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