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Evaluating Air and Rail Travel Between London and Paris

Because the opening from the Funnel Tunnel in 1994 there’s been something of the disagreement about the easiest method to travel between London and Paris. Lots of people, especially businessmen employed in manchester, travel this route every week, as well as their choice might cost or save them a great deal of money and time. Some reason that the train is much more enjoyable, even though many think that flying will be the best way of travel.

But who’s right? Let us have a look…


While using Eurostar booking site along with a popular online flight comparison site I ran a look for a two-day return trip per month from today. Flights are economy class, and also the train is standard class. Both journeys are during regular business hrs.

Flight: £109

Train: £29.50

As the cost increases to £64.50 for individuals attempting to travel in morning peak hrs, the train is clearly the greater economical option. Flights from London to Paris rarely drop below £100 as it is this type of popular route – though I have traveled previously for less than £80 with an economy ticket.

In addition to boasting a minimal ticket cost, the train offers direct service back and forth from the center of every city. For any businessman employed in the town this provides an excellent saving both in money and time around the otherwise costly taxis back and forth from Heathrow, Gatwick and Charles de Gaulle.

Journey Time

Here’s where it will get just a little tricky. Cost does not always matter for any businessman, as the price of travel is generally claimed on expenses in almost any situation. The travel time, though, can be a deciding factor.

Flight: 1h 09m

Train: 2h 23m

Clearly it’s much faster to fly, though this does not always mean your way time in general is faster by air. Transport back and forth from the airports might take several hrs in high-traffic, and time spent at customs adds even more. The train is commonly faster in clearing passengers through customs, even though Heathrow Airport terminal advises passengers to reach least two hrs before their scheduled departure it takes only half an hour to obvious customs for that train.

Promptly Record

Again, it is really an essential aspect for business owners. When you are going to Paris to have an important meeting you cannot be late.

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