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Celebrities are Travelling to London… For Their Teeth!

Hollywood glamour and red-carpet smiles, the quest for the perfect pearly whites knows no bounds. It’s not a secret that celebrities are always on the look-out for new ways to improve their appearance, and who can blame them? Constantly being in the limelight and being judged for their appearance. We’ve noticed the latest trend in celebrity beauty and self-care.

Believe it or not, a vast growing number of celebrities from all over the world are coming to the London. But what exactly draws these stars to the British capital? This time, it’s not the West End theatres, and It’s not Buckingham Palace, it’s certainly not fish and chips either. The answer lies in the pursuit of dental perfection.

London has quietly become the go-to city for dental treatments. In particular composite bonding. A cosmetic procedure that will enhance on-screen charisma, specifically through their smiles. Embarking on journeys from the US to London to seek the expertise of our cities top-notch dentists who have rave reviews.

It’s a trend that has taken the world by surprise. That got us wondering. It is a trend to get your teeth fixed up in London? Or are the cities dentists genuinely that great? We think it’s a bit of both. Celebrities would traditionally want to keep their dental health private – but now we are seeing dentists in London showcase the celebrities that come through their door. An example of this can be seen with Whites Dental, who have a section on their website which has photos of celebrities with posing with their dentist.

That got us looking for more research into celebrities and their dental treatments. We noticed one thing in particular – they all seemed to be getting one type of treatment: composite bonding. For your benefit we’ve provided a description to what composite bonding is below in the simplest of descriptions.

It’s a type of cosmetic dentistry that’s mostly used to help either fill gaps, or fix cracks. Essentially using resin to mimic the look of a tooth – except, it crunches, bites and chews exactly like a tooth would. Traditionally people would get over the look of their teeth by using fake or fault versions – but they don’t work practically like bonding does. Once the desired shape and appearance are achieved from the bonding, the resin is hardened with a specific light the dentist uses, which makes sure that it’s hard enough to do everything teeth are required to do. Although it is the best method of improving the look of your teeth (something very important to stars), it’s also relatively quick treatment, and it wont hold you back in the same way false teeth would. This is what makes it the perfect answer to fixing up teeth.

Celebrity craze magazine Glamour helped us get a better idea of the celebrities who have been getting this treatment done. Including the likes of Millie Brown, Cardi B, Miley Cyrus to name a few.

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