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Best London Gardens You Can Visit

Are you planning to visit London? Visit the gardens of London and treat your eyes to the sheer beauty of London’s spectacular gardens. You can witness the magnificent and magnanimous Royal Gardens to the small parks of communities, which are cleaned, maintained, and tended by the local volunteers. The following are some of the top gardens of London that you can visit:

a. Botanical Gardens of London

The Royal Botanical Gardens spread over 130 hectares, which are home to more than 30, 000 plants. The Kew Gardens is situated in southwest London. It is a world heritage site, which is 250 years old. One visit to the botanical gardens is a heavenly stroll for the students of botanical science. 


b. The Garden of the Buckingham palace

Buckingham Palace is not only a sight to visit. But the trip to the Garden of Buckingham Palace is an exotic feel. People explore the 15 hectares of the gardens. The garden has beautiful roses and other plants. The mere sight of roses of Buckingham palace brightens up the mood to a greater extent. 

The Buckingham Palace Garden is open for the public to view. 


c. Palace Gardens of Kensington

There are varieties of garden landscapes at the palace of Kensington. It is another amazing site that mesmerizes the visitor. The garden of Kensington also had 19th-century Italian beautiful gardens. In the summers, make sure to visit the gardens of Kensington Palace. 

d. The Rare Sight of Gardens outside Syon House

The Syon House has an outdoor amazing landscape garden, which has been grown by the legendary garden landscape engineer Capability Brown. The Syon House has spectacular and amazing 16 hectares. The stunning sight of the Syon House brings joy to the soul as well as the eye. 

e. Go To The Syon House Garden If You Want To Get Amazed By The Beauty Of Greenery. 

If you are a women’s rights advocator, you should not forget to visit the Charlton House Peace Garden. The expansive grounds of the Charlton are symbolic of women’s rights and their equal place in society. The original walled garden of the Charlton House is dedicated to the peace, supporting Amnesty International’s Stop Violence Against Women’s campaign. 

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