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5 Outdoor Activities You Can Do Anywhere Around The World

Being able to take your favourite outdoor activity to new and amazing environments elsewhere in the world is an exceedingly great experience. Familiar landscapes can be exchanged for impressive vistas, your skills can be tested upon different waters, and experiences can be shared with new people. In fact, for many enthusiasts, their activity of choice was first selected because it enables them to travel the world, instilling a motivation to reach new heights and venture to exotic destinations.

If you’re looking to pick up a new outdoor hobby, one that will not only invigorate your life but also take you beyond familiar borders, then we’ve got five brilliant choices that might be the perfect activity for you.

Rock Climbing

Getting to grips with the earth itself, pushing your body to the limit, and scaling natural surfaces to accomplish something amazing is exactly what makes rock climbing such a popular outdoor activity. A person will develop their physical ability as they undertake new walls and mountains, also experiencing unbeatable thrills as they see from new heights.

This activity can be taken to locations across the globe, from South Africa’s Rocklands to America’s Yosemite National Park, with each location offering new challenges to overcome.


Not every activity needs to be physically demanding or associate itself with a thrill. For many, an outdoor activity can be about getting closer to nature, immersing oneself in stunning natural scenery. Camping is a perfect example.

It is also a hobby that can be taken to just about every country in the world, allowing those with a tent and stove to take themselves atop mountains, across deserts, and even into tundras.


For some, it is not crossing land that excites them, but water. There are so many exception rivers, lakes, and shores that can be explored, taking a person away from the crowds of dry land and out onto the peaceful wide-open of waterscapes.

As the activity becomes increasingly popular, there are an even greater number of places around the world to paddleboard. Hawaii and Bali are frequent destinations, as is Fiji, each for their amazing open waters. However, cities such as Amsterdam and Tromsø are becoming increasingly sought after too.

Scuba Diving

Learning how to scuba can take some training, especially for those looking to explore regions less often swam. However, it is often considered one of the most rewarding outdoor experiences because it takes a person to entirely new environments, some of which divers liken to space travel.

Pack your bags for the world-famous Blue Hole in Belize or take yourself to any island of Micronesia’s beautiful selection, all of which are certain to be surrounded by amazing sea life.


The warmth and sand aren’t for everyone. Some prefer to find cold locations, steeps with perfectly powdered snow, taking their snowboard with them to fly downward. Once you’ve gotten comfortable enough to take to the mountains, you’ll soon want to take yourself to mountainous countries like Austria and Switzerland to experience the best slopes in the world.

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