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3 reasons to visit Bonifacio during your Corsica yacht charter

Arguably one of the most memorable and characteristic islands of the Western Mediterranean, a Corsica yacht charter will allow you to explore the unique nature, culture and charm that this compelling island is known for. Home to several stunning coastal towns, tall mountain peaks and dense, rich forests, Corsica is said to look like a ‘mountain emerging from the sea.’ Although the island may reflect an authentic French appearance at first glance, it has managed to hold onto its distinct Italian appeal. A cruise along its beautiful coastline will ensure you discover its many picturesque beaches, rocky coves and natural preserves at your own pace. Still, one destination in Corsica that cannot be missed is Bonifacio. Located at the southern tip of Corsica, opposite the island of Sardinia, Bonifacio is the oldest town in Corsica, founded around 830 and is among the most breathtakingly beautiful natural harbours in the world. The port of this medieval town is located at the head of a deep fjord which offers guests who enter by the sea a stunning view of arched limestone cliffs surrounded by green rolling hills above. Nicknamed the city of the cliffs, we share three reasons you should visit Bonifacio during your Sardinian or Corsica yacht charter this season.

1) Maritime History: Harbour & Port

The cruise into the main leisure port of Bonifacio will offer you and your guests plenty of lovely photo opportunities. Bonifacio is actually home to three-port areas, including leisure, fishing and a commercial port dedicated to larger boats and ferries that cruise the coast to the Lavezzi Islands and Sardinia. The leisure port is home to the elegant harbour, which features several cafes, bars and boutiques along the quay. Dock in one of the berths and admire the many yachts moored here before exploring the port and harbour, which play a significant role in the day to day life of the island’s inhabitants.

2) Rich Past: Old Town & Citadel

A stroll up the long staircase from the main marina will take you right to the medieval citadel. Located 70 metres above sea level on the cliffs overlooking the harbour, the well-preserved fortifications of the citadel surrounded the Old Town. A winding maze of narrow cobbled streets, old buildings and picturesque squares soak up all the small architectural details of the town. Visit the Bastion d’Etendard and the Saint-Dominique church, dating back to the 12th century. Walk down the ‘Staircase of the King of Aragon,’ 187 step staircase carved into the cliffs to enable direct access to the sea from the Old Town for unrivalled views.

3) Stunning Nature: Beaches & Forests

The surrounding coastal area around Bonifacio is known for its stunning natural beauty. With several renowned beaches nearby, it is the ideal anchorage spot. Explore the calanches of Fazzio, a protected site, the wider sandy beaches in the bays of Sant’Amanza and Rondinara and the beach at Petit Sperone. Or take the tender and explore the coastline at your leisure and see which remote coves and beaches you discover. The Lavezzi Islands, a designated marine preserve, are just a short cruise away and perfect for swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing.

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